Support for Poll Workers

On the eve of the November 8, 2022, national election, we encourage voters to VOTE and to support poll workers in their endeavors:

Voting in a democratic process is both a privilege and a responsibility. To vote you must be a registered voter. That is why registering to vote is so important. When you go to vote there are numerous ways to cast your ballot:  early voting, absentee voting, mail-in voting, curbside voting, and election day voting. If you go to the voting site you will find Precinct officials, which may include chief judge, precinct judge, assistants, emergency assistants, ballot counters, and approved observers. They are to ensure that voters are able to cast their votes in dignity, good order, impartiality, convenience, and privacy.

Poll workers are trained and take an oath to provide these services along with other duties. In an election, there are those who make threats of a personal nature against some election officials and those who seek to disrupt the election process. Voters have a right to peacefully cast their votes in private. Poll workers do their best to ensure this happens. It is important to support your poll workers on the job they do. Anger, harassment, and threats are not part of your voting or of counting your vote. When you cast your ballot in-person thank and support the work of your poll workers and appreciate the job they do for free and fair elections.


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